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Thinking Inside the Box. An Easy Way to Manage Orders Destined for the Ocean

Growing global trade flows, particularly to and from Asia, the Middle East and Africa are driving an ever increasing volume of goods which must be moved around the world in shipping containers....

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5 Concerns IT Leaders may have about Process Automation Implementation.

If you’re responsible for your organisation’s IT, you probably have strong opinions on what effect digitisation will have on your department. Either you are excited by the prospect, and are keen...

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Want Less Invoice Disputes and a Streamlined Process to Manage Them? Have Your Cake and Eat it With Automation

Claims for credit from customers is an all too common fact of life in supply chain. Shortages, damages and price discrepancies are just a few reasons why an invoice won’t be paid in full or on...

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3 Ways Supply Chain Automation Helps You Maintain Superior Customer Service During a Merger and Acquisition

The news of an imminent M & A event for your organisation is an anxious time for those involved in the operational or administrative side of the business – like customer service. 

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The Future of Electronic Data Interchange

Communications systems have always been the key to productive commerce, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the core that ensures good trade connections for any organisation. EDI is a system...

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