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Automation in Toyota: It’s Not About Removing People, it’s About Empowering Them

A unique application of automation has been applied within car manufacturer Toyota, as detailed in a recent post by Fast Company. “Humans should produce goods manually and make the process as...

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MITSloan Talks About AI, How Does it Support A Competitive Edge in the Supply Chain?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), like similar forms of technology (cognitive computing, machine learning) is all about obtaining using data feeds to gain insight. In business, being able to use this...

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Digital Laggards Don’t Need to Pay the Price for Delayed Supply Chain Digitisation

There’s already a fear of digitisation and how it is being brought into businesses, regardless of disruption. But it doesn’t have to be painful.

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What Does Structured and Unstructured Data Mean in Automation?

Data is at the core of all organisations; customer data, product data or business data. Customer information that comes through on an email might be ‘digital’ but it isn’t digitised. This means...

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Is Process Automation Really that Confusing?

Automation has been around in some form or another since the 30’s, with machines being used to complete simple tasks such as repetitive work in the production of automotive, appliances, beverages,...

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The Holistic Approach to Automation in Business

In the ever-changing digital world, businesses are able to secure financial confidence with innovations being done in technology to simplify and improve key operations in a business structure....

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