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Aldi is Setting the Payment Standards, How Can You Get Ahead of the Supply Chain Game?

The UK's fifth ranked supermarket by market share is leading the way in setting payment standards by reducing the time it takes to pay its small suppliers.

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When 75% Automation is Not Enough… What to do Next.

The inherent complexities of global supply chains makes them an ideal target for automation projects. Many organisations have already embarked on digital automation projects to help them achieve...

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Arla achieves operational excellence with OmPrompt

As the UK’s number one dairy company and the leading provider of butter, spreads and cheese, Arla Foods makes 4,000 store deliveries a day to food retailers and foodservice customers across the...

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Alpro Stops Processing Claims to Improve Customer Experience

Alpro is the producer of healthier plant-based alternatives to milk, yoghurt and cream. It is the European market leader in soya-based food products.

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Arla Foods uses OmPrompt to shorten order-to-cash

Arla Foods, a £2 billion turnover company, number one in the UK dairy market, has automated manual order processing with OmPrompt.

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OmPrompt helps CML automate, reduce errors and win major account within three months

CML Fulfilment and Logistics adopt OmPrompt Customer Automation Management to improve service, reduce errors and service new business with released resource.

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