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RPA: To Become One of Many in a Suite of Automation Capabilities

Posted by OmPrompt on 12 October 2017

Supply chain digitisation and automation specialist OmPrompt is challenging the status quo around Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


OmPrompt is challenging the market belief that RPA will solve all automation problems in businesses, focusing on supply chain digitisation and automation in particular processes with external interactions to the organisation.


The mix of:

  1. Systems built and updated outside of the organisation's control
  2. A wide variety of trading documents and their quality, and
  3. The service infrastructure required for the process stability


While RPA can be a game changer for logical and repeated internal processes, it has yet to show the potential of being able to automate processes that directly involve customer and supplier interaction, in order to provide a true end-to-end streamlined supply chain.


RPA is best known for mimicking logical processes that a human might usually be responsible for carrying out. A common example could be regularly exporting information from an online portal or webpage, and entering it into an ERP system. RPA can ‘scrape’ the information from the webpage and automatically load it into the ERP system at set time intervals as required, without the need for human intervention.


OmPrompt predicts that RPA will become one of the key pieces of the jigsaw within a suite of tools in the future, which will result in vendors becoming more diverse and able to manage business automation challenges on a higher level. The vision OmPrompt are embracing combines extraction technologies, RPA logic and monitoring intelligence, and therefore looking beyond the limited but important capabilities of RPA, and moving to a  wider global automation solution.


OmPrompt CEO John Wakeman said; "RPA is a strong contender to automate business processes and we are using it with some of our clients, but frequently we find that they want to be able to do more to streamline their businesses processes, and look to OmPrompt’s Smart Solutions to achieve higher levels of automation and gain greater business visibility.”


Understand more about why OmPrompt think RPA is just one of the necessary tools needed to truly automate global businesses. Get in touch

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