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What Does Structured and Unstructured Data Mean in Automation?

Data is at the core of all organisations; customer data, product data or business data. Customer information that comes through on an email might be ‘digital’ but it isn’t digitised. This means...

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Customer Service, Healthcare, FMCG

Is Process Automation Really that Confusing?

Automation has been around in some form or another since the 30’s, with machines being used to complete simple tasks such as repetitive work in the production of automotive, appliances, beverages,...

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Healthcare: Why Customer Service is a Differentiator and Not a Cost-Center

In the healthcare industry, the landscape of customer service is constantly changing and evolving with technology being able to bring people and products/services closer than ever before. For this...

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Customer Service, Healthcare, FMCG, IT

The Holistic Approach to Automation in Business

In the ever-changing digital world, businesses are able to secure financial confidence with innovations being done in technology to simplify and improve key operations in a business structure....

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Automation in Business: What to Expect in a Good Digital Journey

The age of extinction may just be lurking very near for most business organizations that have no plans of transforming core concepts of their business models into digital platform. In essence,...

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Customer Service

What Will Happen To Customer Service If We Don’t Embrace Automation?

Surely, the whole point of customer service in the supply chain is that it’s run by real-life humans? Absolutely, but those customer service professionals need the right technology and automation...

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