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If Tennis Can Achieve Real-Time Alerting, So Should The Supply Chain

Posted by OmPrompt on 05 September 2017

For anyone following the US Open 2017, you may or may not be aware of the cognitive and alerting technology behind those social media highlight feeds you may have been watching.


When the likes of Roger Federer raises his fist in a celebratory pose, and the crowd roar, IBM’s Watson cognitive computer will recognize that as a highlight in real time and alert the United States Tennis Association to trigger real time news feeds, as explained here.


If the world sees such value in using cognitive computing in this way, imagine the value of adopting supply chain technology in your business that can do the same thing. Alert you when something has happened. Not after the event, but as it is happening at any point in the supply chain.


For example, your customer has ordered 500 units, a goods receipt note comes in and only 50 were delivered. You could be alerted in real-time that there is going to be an invoice discrepancy, before that GRN reaches you. Or, a product has experienced a temperature increase in the truck, it’s a delicate product that has to be kept at below freezing condition. With cognitive and alerting technology you could be informed instantly that there has been a temperature change, and anticipate a problem with the delivery for your customer.


This level of supply chain digitisation can give you the visibility and information you need to be proactive, perform impact analysis and effective resolution management.


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