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3 Misconceptions about Digitising Your Customer Service

Posted by OmPrompt on 06 December 2017

Digitising Customer Service can be a difficult concept to sell to your own team of customer service representatives (CSRs). To those who’ve never experienced the other side of a digitisation programme, the word ‘digitisation’ can sound like a euphemism for ‘it’s all downhill from here’.

However, we can tell you from first hand experience that automation vastly improves the working day of CSRs. And yet, many customer service managers have fears around what will happen to their team after digitisation and automation. These are the three most common misconceptions we hear:

  1. “We will lose our CSRs and lose control”
    The fear is that key people will be ‘let go’ and the entire customer service department will eventually be replaced by a computerised order processing system. Now, while it is true that digitisation can support a downsizing strategy, the majority of our clients have not culled their departments. Rather, digitisation and automation have allowed them to cope with an increasing volume of customers and sales orders, without increasing headcount. Automating with OmPrompt also means management and representatives will have the power to be proactive and establish better customer relationships by having complete visibility and control over customer orders.

  2. “Digitisation will demotivate our staff”
    The issue here is that staff feel they will become ‘slaves to the machine’; that they’ll be puppets in a technology-led department. But, digitisation is not about replacing people with technology, it’s about using technology to tackle the mundane, repetitive tasks that people already dislike doing. Rather than becoming less important, your staff will become more valuable once they are freed from the shackles of manual order processing. They’ll be able to add value to the business by fostering customer relationships and solving key issues through root cause analysis. Most importantly, this kind of work is a lot more interesting than dull data entry.

  3. “Our CSRs didn’t sign up to be techies”
    The third misconception is that in order to work within a digitised department, your staff need to be highly technical. This makes people fearful of the digitisation process, thinking they’ll be out of their depth and expected to take on tasks that are beyond them. In the case of OmPrompt’s managed service automation solution, this is definitely not the reality. Our platform has been designed to support the way Customer Service departments actually operate in the real world. It puts the human (and business) need at the centre and uses technology to make life easier. 

Giving CSRs the tools they need to do their job

As the point of contact for your customers, and the starting point for your order-to-cash process, your CSRs are crucial to the smooth running of your organisation. Post digitisation, they’ll be just as crucial, only with one main difference. They’ll be more effective.

Ready to Transform your Customer Service Department?

For more information on how digitisation and automation can take your department – and your business – forward, download our white paper: Transform Your Customer Service Department.

Transform Your Customer Service Department