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Digital Laggards Don’t Need to Pay the Price for Delayed Supply Chain Digitisation

Posted by OmPrompt on 07 September 2017

There’s already a fear of digitisation and how it is being brought into businesses, regardless of disruption. But it doesn’t have to be painful.

There are different ways to bring automation into the business. You could start with a point-solution to solve a specific problem or improve a supply chain process, or you could work with a managed service to digitise your supply chain strategically.  

It all comes down to what you want to achieve:

  • If you need to streamline a process, focus on digitisation of the documents first. Automating or changing the process comes second
  • If you have a visibility issue, work out where your blind spots are and start digitising data to achieve a clearer and more accurate view

Once your data is digital, your journey towards automation and streamlining can really begin. The key thing is not to panic, but to get started and understand your goal. Choose your focus areas, and don't be afraid of some disruption to the usual status quo. Get buy-in from your employees, and make them a part of your digital turnaround. Their knowledge and insight into your supply chain processes is invaluable in bringing business change and turning laggards into leaders, and will increase morale.

Recent research by McKinsey suggests that on average, industries are less than 40% digitised. However, the pace is increasing, so don't leave it too late to take action. Being a digital laggard doesn’t need to put your business at risk. To get ahead of the game, such transformations to your business and processes require specific skills and management.

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