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Getting the Competitive Edge in Customer Services

Posted by OmPrompt on 22 November 2017

Customer Service has always been pivotal to the supplier-customer relationship in manufacturing. However, customer demands on your team are set to rise even further, led in part by the change in B2C customer experience thats now expected to filter through to the B2B arena. 

However, B2B still has some way to go. According to McKinsey, B2B customer experience ratings lag behind those of retail customers – with a score of 65% – 85% for B2C, and less than 50% on average for B2B. Real-time transactional information flow between trading partners is already becoming the expectation for tech-savvy customers who are used to this kind of service in their B2C transactions. 

In manufacturing, customer experience can become clear differentiator. The complexities come from customer service teams dealing with thousands of orders, customers, and product lines each day and not having time to focus on other value add activities. Digitisation is the enabler that allows you to deliver superior customer service, develop your team, and implement new strategies for growth.

Transforming your Customer Service Team to the Department of the Future

A digitised and fully automated operational supply chain is a breath of fresh air for your customer service representatives. Mundane, repetitive order entry tasks are now automated, and the constant reactionary fire-fighting that is typical of non-digitised organisations are in the past. Teams now have much greater visibility of customers and vital processes and much more information to support proactive decision making. 

Digitising your customer service department is not at all about replacing your CSRs with an automated system, its about taking the mundane, repetitive tasks off the back of your teams so they add value to your organisation. Rather than make your department faceless, digitisation enhances the personal element thats so crucial in customer service.  

Customer Service Highlight: Arla Foods Case Study 

With more time available, thanks to OmPrompt, this global FMCG manufacturer has been able to transform their customer service department. The customer service team has benefitted from additional training and up-skilling. And, a number of processes that used to be implemented by management only, are now delegated to CSRs. This has enriched their job, boosted morale and contributed further to customer satisfaction. You can find out more here.

The biggest change digitisation makes in customer service is time. With it, your teams can finally do the job they thought they were going to do when they signed up to be a customer service representative service your customers in a positive way. Its this that truly transforms your customer service department and why digitisation is not only good for business, its good for people too. 

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