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Why RPA Can't Work in Isolation

Robots are everywhere, well at least in the media, and they have been the talk of the town for some time now. Plenty of companies have stepped forward to become early adopters and promoters of...

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When 75% Automation is Not Enough… What to do Next.

The inherent complexities of global supply chains makes them an ideal target for automation projects. Many organisations have already embarked on digital automation projects to help them achieve...

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Supply Chain Automation: Where to Start for Maximum Impact?

The goal of automation is not new. When the plough was first invented – that was automation. When the car was first used instead of a horse – that was automation. When typewriters came in, and...

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Customer Service

How Can You Transform Your Customer Service Department?

It’s Monday morning and your Customer Service Department is having its regular weekly team meeting. This one is different, though. Instead of reviewing the numbers with a big sigh and feeling like...

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What to Look For in An Integration Brokerage Provider

Integration brokerage (IB) relates to a subset of IT outsourcing. It usually covers an initial integration phase and ongoing managed services. Typically it covers integration-type activities, ...

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What Does Automation Really Mean?

Automation is a term that’s used widely and crops up in all kinds of industries – and thereforemeans different things to different people. But, at the core, it’s simply a way of using technology...

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